On the way of growing up, they are full of confusion about life, love and success. Am I good enough? What if I failed? Why do I have forced myself to do nasty things? Will I have no talent? Am I screwing up my life?

Through Bling, girls are provided with a platform where they can express themselves boldly, helping them gain a deeper understanding of themselves, improve interpersonal relationships, gain a sense of social identity, have opportunities of peer-to-peer communication, and enhance their awareness about the outside world.

We hope that every girl can have the strength to face the world and be willing to take responsibility more bravely. Believe in the light, it can illuminate you, me and her (Bring Light in Girls)! Let's BLING!

Nepal has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world. In Nepal, more than one-third of women (38.4%) were married before the age of 18, compared with 13.8% of men, according to 2020 data (CBS.2020).

Studies have shown a clear correlation between marriage and education. Girls who are not in school are at a higher risk of early marriage, and girls who are in school are less likely to marry early.

In Nepal, only 31.2% of girls aged 15 to 17 enter school. The education of girls in Nepal needs urgent attention and solution from the society. Married girls have little chance of continuing to attend school. So, there is a lower education rates for married girls.

In Nepal, affected by economic, political, religious, traditional culture, natural environment and other factors, the status of women is low, and girls' educational opportunities are far behind boys.



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