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Rainbow Volunteer Club was founded on July 18, 2011 bya group of young volunteers who love children's public welfare. It is a non-profit organization for child protection, educational development and humanitarian assistance. In April 2014, it was registered as a non-profit organization (Rainbow Volunteer Club, Gansu) in Gansu Province, China, and in September 2017, it was registered as a non-profit organization (Rainbow Volunteer Club, Kathmandu) in Kathmandu, Nepal. The staff and volunteers of the organization strive to improve the educational environment in remote areas, advocate and promote the protection of young people and children, especially the protection of girls, cultivate young public welfare talents, implement sustainable community development projects, and carry out community sustainable development projects in the project areas. Child-centred humanitarian relief and other work. 

The vision of rainbow public welfare society is to advocate that every life enjoys the right to development, the right to health and the right to live in dignity. We don't do good things, but insist on doing a small thing well; We hope to know more about the current villages and cities, record and preserve our historical process during walking, store sunshine for this land with children and volunteers, and grow and blossom with villages and cities. We hope that the public welfare undertakings we are engaged in are healthy and happy. We hope that there will be more and more wisdom, technology, fashion and rationality in public welfare.

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