Youth Development and Advocacy

Youth is an important force in promoting social progress and sustainable development. Young people at different stages of development and in different social environments all have the desire or idea to participate in social life. Rainbow Community (RVC) actively guides young people to create a way of thinking and development that is conducive to social development, helps young people explore and experience the world, think independently, enrich themselves, take the initiative to undertake more social obligations, and organize volunteer services Activities and public welfare advocacy activities, calling on more institutions and individuals in society to participate and assume social responsibilities. Fully include non-discrimination, tolerance and respect for diversity in youth programs and issues, and respect youth’s beliefs and moral values and cultural background.

Youth Focus
Public Interaction and Advocacy

Youth Focus

Youth Focus is a platform of RVC dedicated in helping young people explore and experience the world, think independently, enrich their self-communication and practice growth, create more thoughtful dialogues, lead young people to learn and experience the world, and constantly strive to improve oneself, cultivate aspiring young people with public welfare concepts and feelings, care about the society, be curious, have empathy for the disadvantaged, want to step out of their comfort zone, accompany young people who are actively seeking positive changes, and work together in public welfare, art Receive various trainings and challenges in the fields of , literature, interpersonal communication, etc., and carry out various cooperation and interactions with each other to achieve the goals set and complete the self-improvement and change. It is hoped that every young person will, through thinking and practice, step out of their comfort zone and explore ways to bring about positive changes to individuals and society.

Public Interaction and Advocacy (Social Responsibility)

Any organization should be run and managed in a way that benefits society. On the basis of adhering to its mission and goals, and under the requirements of ethical standards, Rainbow Volunteer Club takes the initiative to undertake more social obligations, organizes volunteer service activities, public welfare advocacy activities, and calls on more social institutions and individuals to participate and assume social responsibility.

We roughly divide the social responsibilities that RVC assists or calls for into three categories:

1、Public security incidents that threaten the entire society,

① natural disasters;

② public health incidents.

2. To carry forward the virtues and promote the public welfare activities of social morality;

① respect the old;

② love the young;

③ help the poor.

3. Advocate low-carbon life, care for the public environment, protect the natural environment, and jointly protect the earth home.

4. Advocate for responsible travel.

Nepal is a popular tourist destination for world travelers. We advocate that tourists should have as little damage or negative impact on the travel destination as possible, experience the original state of nature as closely as possible, and do everything possible. Possibly adapted to the culture of the host country. Responsible tourism is not just a form of tourism, but also represents a green development related to tourism, protects wildlife and their habitats, promotes their sustainable development, and makes tourism in Nepal better.