Teach Nepalese Children Hygeine Rules to Fight the Virus

Teach Nepalese Children Hygeine Rules to Fight the Virus


Since January 2020 Nepal-China border is seized in fear of the virus transmission. Lives in country like Nepal had been indirectly affected by the virus. Thus, Rainbow Volunteer Club started a campaign to spread awareness to make children and youth aware about the virus. Team of volunteers went to a local children home in Kathmandu and presented children the facts and figures related with the virus.


( We have closed the Rainbow School to ensure the safety for the children.)

International health organizations had warned Government of Nepal to set up necessary precautions measures as Nepal is a sensative zone. Rainbow Volunteer Club to support the Government’s efforts to contain the spread of corona virus (covid-19) have tried to make children aware about preventative measure that needs to be taken into account to remain safe from the virus covid-19.


 14 years old Aarati Nepal who is living in Family for Creative Children Welfare in Kathmandu says, “even though there are news on the television and newspaper about the corona virus we had not had all that information that we got today. Today onwards I will follow all the hygiene regulations and help all the younger brother and sister to practice it regularly.” Family for Creative Children welfare is sheltering 18 children like Aarati.   


Mother Uma Devi is worried that due to the virus spread Borders with China and India are seized to control the spread of the virus but in Kathmandu shops have created an artificial scarcity of cooking fuels and other daily supplies. She added, “Yesterday I went to market to refuel the cylinders and it was too difficult to find one. Finally I found one, but I had to pay more than usual.”



Another Children home Future Hope Nepal, which is sheltering 22 orphans was also visited by Rainbow Volunteers. During the visit volunteers shared the ideas about the spread of the virus and measures that needs to be considered to stay safe.

After the awareness session we also handed over sanitary supplies required for both of the children homes. Sanitary supplies included soap bars, sanitary pads, tissues, toilet cleaners, medical gloves and hot/cold water dispenser, inner wears among others. We hope our hygiene supply can help these children to develop healthy habits and protect themselves from covid-19 and other illnesses.


This is the first that that children of both of the orphanages got information about the virus covid-19. After we presented them the information about the virus, it’s mode of transmission, hygiene rules that needs to be followed, its symptoms and preventative measures. We let children to draw their understanding about covid-19 virus. Children are now more aware about personal hygiene and self cleanliness. They now understand the hand washing procedure and how to use the mask.   


One of our volunteer, Neema Yonjan says, “In the fearful situation it is our duty to spread awareness and teach children basic hygiene ideas. I feel very glad to be a part of Rainbow and teach children who have not got the real information about the virus”.


Arjun is a boy who is living in Future Hope Nepal since 2016 and is studying in Grade 5. He happened to come to the center when his mother left him after the death of his father. He is from remote region of the far-west Nepal. When we asked him how you think we can protect ourselves from the virus.  He said we need to eat more chilies to kill the virus.  It was one of the funniest answer and after the awareness program when we let all the children to draw their understanding about the virus spread and measures to contain the virus spreading. He drew a fantastic picture showing had washing and wearing mask as a major preventative measures. We were able to clear his misunderstanding about chilies can kill virus.


14 years old girl, Jaya Tamang is studying in grade 8. She is living in Family for Creative Children Welfare since 2017. After the awareness program Jaya drew the above picture. She said washing hands in an interval of an hour could keep ourselves clean and also protect ourselves from the virus infection. She also thinks that wearing mask and maintaining distance and avoiding crowds would protect us from the infections.   


We hope that the virus situation will bounce off soon. We hope majority of cases will be mild, and people will recover just like they do from a common cold or other flu-like illness.


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